Gratefulist Vodka FAQ

Is Gratefulist gluten-free?

Gratefulist Vodka is made from corn and is naturally gluten-free. There are no additives or fillers in our vodka and is perfect for the increasingly healthy and allergy-conscious consumer. For celiac patients, please note that we are not certified gluten-free.

What is Gratefulist vodka made from?

Gratefulist Vodka is made from US-grown non-GMO, kosher-free corn, distilled 6 times in continuous columns, and blended with mountain water from Northern Arizona mountains. We also add a secret natural ingredient to give it a very smooth mouthfeel. This vodka is smooth and tastes exceptional.

When does can Gratefulist vodka expire?

If the bottle is stored unopened, our vodka can last for decades. We’ve never had a customer ask us this question before because we’ve never had to leave it in the fridge for more than a week. 

What makes Gratefulist a premium vodka?

Cheap vodka produces a certain burn when swallowing the drink. What makes our vodka special is its smoothness as it goes down your throat, and there is no burn as an aftertaste. Our customers also tell us they’ve experienced no headache or heartburn the following day either – don’t quote us on that, instead, quote them.

Where is Gratefulist Vodka made?

Gratefulist Vodka is made in a small-batch distillery in Prescott, Arizona. Our distillery is nestled in the foothills of Thumb Butte mountains and is distilled by master distillers who’ve been known for their award-winning whiskeys and gin.

How can I personalize my vodka bottle?

Simple, think of something special to say, grab a sharpie and write on the back of the label. A handwritten note goes a long way in these days of emails and texts, so why not share your gratefulness with a beautiful bottle they are sure to remember for a long time.

How is Gratefulist Vodka best enjoyed?

Gratefulist can be enjoyed straight, with a soda, or as a part of our variety of cocktails

Where can you buy Gratefulist?

Online at

Does Gratefulist vodka freeze?

Nope. Due to its ethanol content, our Vodka won’t freeze above -27 degrees Celsius.

Does Gratefulist have carbs or sugar?

Our vodka has no sugar and no carbs.

Is Gratefulist vegan?

Absolutely. Our Vodka is pure ethanol, water, and gratefulness – very vegan friendly.