Gratefulist Vodka Founders

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.


Times are rapidly changing, yet through it all, each of us can find something to be grateful for in our lives. What happens when people come together with gratitude in their hearts and share a cocktail? The Gratefulist brand was founded to create such moments.

Gratefulist Vodka is the product of three women coming together (over several cocktails) to answer one question— can the experience of sharing a drink be a catalyst for celebrating the good in our lives regardless of current circumstances? Yes, we believe it will.

In pursuit of that vision, we set to work alongside a master distiller to find a symbiotic union between carefully selected ingredients of 100% American corn and mountain spring water with grateful hearts. Crafted in small batches and 6x distilled, Gratefulist Vodka embodies this spirit when people choose to drink in good taste and health and want to spread gratitude.

Gratefulist Vodka Founders

Growing up in my big, lively Irish-Italian family, I found a love for spirits during our gatherings filled with laughter and shared moments. Even though I initially pursued a different career path, a chance meeting reignited my passion, leading to the creation of Gratefulist. Inspired by the joy and support found in those gatherings, Gratefulist aims to bring people together, share stories, and uplift one another. It’s more than just a brand—it’s a celebration of life’s connections and the beauty of shared experiences. Join us at our table, where we embrace gratitude and lift each other up on life’s journey!

Dani Engelking
Founder and Chairwoman

Gratefulist Vodka Founders

As the president of Gratefulist Craft Vodka, I was inspired to enter the spirits world by our co-founders’ vision of living with gratitude and supporting each other. Throughout my career, I’ve valued those who’ve helped me succeed, whether they were colleagues, mentors, or teammates—they’re like family to me. At Gratefulist, we’re dedicated to spreading gratitude, encouraging our customers to appreciate life’s moments and the people in them. I’m especially passionate about empowering women through our brand, encouraging them to support one another. Looking ahead, I’m excited about the potential for growth and innovation at Gratefulist. We’re just getting started, and I’m committed to creating a brand that embodies gratitude and empowerment. Join our community, whether through our website, social media, or by sharing a toast with Gratefulist Craft Vodka. Let’s embrace gratitude and lift each other up as we celebrate life’s special moments.

Christy Bower
President Gratefulist

Gratefulist Vodka Founders

Gratefulist Vodka is more than just vodka. It’s a community around people coming together to spread gratitude.


Individually & Together:
Our differences and our shared values are our strength

Attitude of Gratitude:
A mindset of gratitude will bring abundance

Never pour your own drink:
A few caring people coming together can change the world